Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Hungry Child

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So we are faced with our ADHD challenges as we begin this school year, along with his troubled hearing. He seems to be okay as far as hearing in the classroom, his teacher is male and has the perfect LOUD and STRONG voice. However, I did get a note about his staring off into space and looking around the room (which that one could be hearing related I know). He's given up on the FM system and relies on mapping alone, which is scheduled for the first week in October. I've had my concerns over the last month that his medication wasn't handling his ADHD as well as it used to so I'll have to keep a watchful eye on that situation.

He still isn't gaining much weight and hasn't crossed over the 60 pound mark yet...and he's eleven. He does eat at least one breakfast (bagel w/Nutella or something hearty) before he gets a bowl of cereal and then he sort of snacks for lunch. He barely eats dinner but does another snacking meal instead and by bedtime he's famished. He stays up an hour or so after I do eating anything he can grab (after I've fed him several hearty things before I turn in for the night). I got up at ten last night after I saw his flashlight in the kitchen. He had found something to eat and when I woke this morning there was a note that said, "Val, fix me a bagel AND a bowl of cereal first thing in the morning! I am starving." I felt sorry for him so I'll have to make sure he starts eating the hour prior to me going to bed, because Mama just can't stay up late, I turn into a monster after 8 p.m.!!

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Herding Grasshoppers said...

My son was the same way, when he was on ADHD meds - always hungry at bedtime. Unlike for us (well, ME anyway!) it's a great time for skinny kids to eat. They get a full belly right before their metabolism slows down and can maximize every calorie.

If he doesn't eat much at dinner, maybe you could put a plate of "dinner" in the fridge that he can heat up right before bed so he's got quick access to something good and healthy?

Just a thought :D