Monday, September 3, 2012

School updates

So we've completed two weeks of school and getting ready to start our third. Gage is still having trouble understanding (there's a difference between hearing and understanding) but seems to be doing good in school. He loves how interesting his teacher is and comes home repeating lots of great stories. His teacher is male and has a very loud and deep voice so he doesn't seem to have as much trouble hearing him as he does us at home.

Brooklyn's teacher still hasn't started school unfortunately. She started having issues right before it started and turns out she has MS. She is trying to gain her health and strength back to come in and begin her year so we will say a little prayer that it happens soon, we want her in the best health possible. She is such a kind/sweet young lady. So starting the third week, B will have her third teacher. Hopefully this one will get to stay until the regular teacher returns because it's hard for the kids to understand each preference for each teacher and learn their lessons at a consistant rate (especially when we have to train each one with the FM microphone, etc. and try to get used to each changing voice). But Brooklyn is a champ and is doing way better than I probably would.

I have been busy subbing already. I've been at the local Trade School, the elementary and the high school and tomorrow I go back into the high school again. I look forward to each job since I get a variety of kids who all seem to teach me as much as I teach them (probably more). The down side is that I see needs. There are so many children (at all ages) who don't necessarily have the basics covered. It saddens me, it strengthens me, it burdens me. We don't really have a lot either, but if my kids are hungry, it's a choice. I may not have a full pantry at all times for them to choose from a full menu of items, but there is food in my pantry. There are children who would love to have oatmeal for breakfast on a Saturday, despite being out of Cocoa Pebbles. We are Blessed and I see that every day.

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