Friday, September 23, 2016

Deaf Child Behind The Wheel

Radio off, windows up, minimal talking and we are off. I guess I am as nervous as any other parent giving full control of a massive deadly weapon to their 15 year old child.

Truthfully, I thought the fact that he is hearing impaired would multiply that fear ten fold but so far, that isn't really a factor. He does a great job. We have had him drive at various times, even at night and in heavy rain. Next on our list is completely deaf...just down the road and back. He has to learn what it feels like so if batteries die, he don't panic and wreck trying attain his sound back. He needs remain calm, remain in control and get to where his going safely.

I think our biggest concern is (as he gets older), if he were to get pulled over, would he be able to safely communicate to an officer at a distance that he is hearing impaired. We are hoping to find something tag or window related that would state or warn of this immediately. We also have this concern (and in his billfold) that if unresponsive due to a wreck or whatever that he can't have MRIs due to the magnets in his head without first removing them.

So far, just having a permit isn't that bad. As 16 approaches, my anxiety heightens when I realize he will not want me to ride with him anymore. 😭

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ann said...

Put my name and both phone numbers in his wallet also as an emergency contact.Oh Lordy.