Thursday, October 6, 2011

She Hit Not a Soul

I've been dreading this trip for a long time. In fact I rescheduled it twice before I said to myself GET THAT CHILD TO A DENTIST.  Most of you are long time readers of this blog and know how awful un-delightful our previous dental visits have been. (Click here if you wanna know just how bad it used to be "Rabid Child").

Anyway, it was her idea today to be a big girl. She had no intentions of hurting anyone and she wanted to just make it through the appointment and get back home. Well, no x-rays. They tried several times and were super sweet but B shut her mouth tighter than a clam. Not happening. But she hit not a soul! Improvement.

I left the room and the lady chatted it up with Brook and somehow managed to clean the top choppers. B tried to knock her hand down a few times but in a gentler way than she typically has done in the past. The lady didn't push Brook and for today, that's all they accomplished. The lady did come out, and she seems sensitive and I was worried B had hurt her feelings but after we talked she was fine. She felt like a failure but after I told her how wonderful I thought her accomplishment was, she was pleased and relieved. Brook wouldn't even sit down our first visit there (this is a new place we have started going to).

I have high hopes that this child will get all teeth cleaned on our next visit and possibly even some x-rays by age 10...? This is a very good dental office and they communicate well with my kids, with and without their processors on. We only remove them for the x-rays even if it's probably not necessary, we do it anyway.

Tomorrow we have the Homecoming Parade and we both look forward to riding and cheering in that. Big fun!

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Anonymous said...

Love the face brookie :)