Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We are good

Just a quick update on these Blakely kiddos...
  • Gage has had no issues whatsoever recently with pain, itching, weird sounds, nothing! And let me be clear, the weird sounds only happened once in class and after I put his processor in the machine that night, he never heard it again. It was a clicking noise which could have been something in the room or near his classroom interfering. So we are good.
  • Having said that, some people are getting really confused on the Cochlear recall. If you want the most current/accurate info, just go here and read first hand about it. Here's a sample of what they are saying:
"The recall is only for the unimplanted CI500 series cochlear implant. The Nucleus CI500 series cochlear implant was introduced in September 2009. Those implanted prior to that date are not affected."
  • Brooklyn's behavior has been really good the last few days and she even got to move back to her table (she was sitting alone) and she was thrilled about that.
  • I've been subbing almost everyday which is great. I'm always between the elementary and high school and we have one more football game to cheer at and our season is over. So I've been a busy girl.
  • We are still loving our new church. Click here to read all about our adventures there. There's a bunch of good stories that have been given to me from there.
  • And don't forget my crazy blog which has nothing to do with hearing loss but it's the lighter side of the Blakelys...and my adventures as I make my way to the insane asylum. Click here.

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Anonymous said...

How many Kiddos do u have just Gage and Brooke?