Tuesday, October 4, 2011

For no reason at all

I don't have a lot of patience with my children. In fact, if I want to see any of it, I must pray for it before I start my day. Yesterday, was horrible, which made me feel horrible when I went to bed. I said right then, I wasn't going to forget to pray for patience when I wake up, if I'm lucky enough to get another chance.

So I did just that. I had the best day ever. Sure, the kids were at school for the most part but afterwards, we went for a walk...like we used to do everyday. The kids are getting older so part of me thinks they'd rather be doing 'other stuff' than walking around with Mom. I couldn't be more wrong. They loved it.

I remember doing these walks for speech/vocabulary purposes...I hear a dog barking, where is the dog, let's find something that starts with a /t/ sound or let's find things that are living and things that are non-living...

So it's hard for me to remember to do things for no reason at all. Doing things just for fun, or because I want to see something pretty or because my kids missed me all day. Today was an awesome day, I am thankful !

We are looking forward to our Zoo trip Sunday where we'll see all of our HEAR Center families. We love events like this and look forward to it.

Gage hasn't been hearing his best this week so far, he has MAPping/audiology next week so they'll fix that hopefully. His ADHD appointment is in the morning so we'll see if he's gained any weight at all...

Brook's behavior has improved so far this week. We are thankful for the good days for sure! Our high school has Homecoming this week so lots of exciting events lined up this week at school.

We look forward to what tomorrow will bring the Blakelys!


ann said...

B looks just like you walking in the field, and Gage looks just like Chad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are so cute! Glad brookie is doing better in school :)