Saturday, December 4, 2010

Incision Decisions

Well, his cochlear implant surgery was on Oct 18 with a follow up O.R. visit on Oct 27 to close the incision that popped open in front of his ear and one more final trip on Nov 11 to remove stitches and have his final 'clean up' so here's what we're left with. There's this one tiny spot on top that was slower to heal than the rest. We'd get a good clean scab on it and keep polysporin on it, only to have it ooze out of the blue at which time we'd revert back to peroxide for cleaning, followed by more polysporin. The problem is, we kept doing it over and over without accomplishing a final and complete healing of the incision. So, I called the surgeon this week, told him what was going on, got the oral antibiotic and prescription cream and already it looks much better to me! No yucky stuff at all anymore, we have a healthy looking scab. So hopefully by the end of next week, we can say he's good to go. He's getting tired of not riding his four wheeler but I can't have his helmet rubbing off the scab so I told him he's gonna have to wait a couple of more weeks at least. He's fine with that.

On a side note, I just spoke to both of my deaf children via walkie talkie. I know I've put up a video of that before (see here-2009) but I'm amazed every single time I hear a sweet little voice say "Mama, it's not very cold out here. We're out by the tree house." I always ask a question to make sure I'm not kidding myself, and see if they truly can understand me without being in the house with me..."Do you see the dog anywhere?" and then I hear, "He's right here playing with a dead armadillo."   NICE.

Last update, my niece doesn't have Angioedema either, last one to check is Brook, anyone wanna hold her down while they draw blood?

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