Monday, June 1, 2009

Less than 2mos post activation and he's using a walkie talkie !

...........I'm not kidding. This is a great listening tool. These are not toy walkie talkies, he got some really good ones for his birthday and less than two months post activation, he can talk to me sixty yards away (actually they supposedly have a 16 mile range but right here he's about 60 yds have to look really close, he's in front of the hay field. You might can see Brook better since she's wearing a white shirt but they are standing with their bikes right there together. I zoomed the best I could but maybe you can see them. This just assures you he's hearing me, not reading my lips or my gestures.

Also I want to give a shout out to my crew over at Cochlear Corp. I was one of the winners of the volunteer contest they had last month to see who could come up with the best ways to raise awareness. The prize was that they will fund your idea (yes there is a price limit). My idea was to have prize bags full of information and goodies from Cochlear, like info on the HOPE seminars, and bilaterals and early implanting, etc. So June 23 at Alabama's Early Intervention Conference I'm presenting at, they will provide the attendees with the goodies. I have two sessions that day so I'm really excited! Congrats to Rachel and Elizabeth too!


Tiffany C. said...

WOW! Great listening! Brayden is just starting to take to the phone. He's able to tell the difference between voices now.

Danielle said...

Wonderful News that Gage can hear that far away!!! He sure has a great mother! Good Luck at the meetings!!


Val said...

it's funny you mention that Tiffany, I forgot to add that I handed over the walkie talkie to his Dad and Gage said something else....his dad responded w/a "Okay" and Gage piped up and said "Hey, who is this?" he knew the voice had changed.........these kids amaze me!

leah said...

Wow- great listening skills! The walkie talkies are a great idea for listening work, and also for keeping track of kids in the country!