Monday, November 29, 2010

What's Going On

We've went right back into full swing since Gage has healed from his surgery. I'm subbing (a lot, yay!) and I'm trying to keep my articles up (see page heading Val's Articles). He has his next mapping appointment (ear tune up) on Friday and his Daddy gets to take him since I have a sub job booked.

Brook is doing great. She's been busy with her photography.

And I am finally taking a moment to post a learning activity I did with Brooklyn. I'm still amazed that she's only six. I don't get to brag on her like I should. I wasn't working a few years ago so you heard regular updates and Mama brags on Gage all the time. She is just as smart, I must say.
She had her Magnadoodles out and I asked her to write a noun on the first one (I reminded her what a noun was-yes they do this in first grade a little), a verb on the second one and a sentence on the last one using both the noun and verb she chose.
Her noun for this one-Wal Mart, verb-bought, sentence-I bought a baby doll at Wal Mart....Good stuff B!
Now, here is a prayer my two kids were rehearsing yesterday. At the bottom I think B tried to write that she was missing her birdie...that our cat murdered right in front of her eyes played with 'til it didn't wake up. Now, off to catch some ZZZZZZs so we can go to school and head straight out to G's new Dentist as soon as the bell rings.

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Emma, New Zealand said...

Your kids are just amazing. All the best for you all.