Friday, April 23, 2010

a note

I found this in my lunchbox...I was subbing at the high school today and loved my note from home...even if I discovered she had a U (unsatisfactory) in conduct this week. Love my girl who misses me so bad, even when I cut grass I have to take a break after an hour just so she can hug me.
I'm writing to remind myself how adorable she CAN be...we have a dentist trip on Monday. ( here if you've never heard of our dentist trips)
And we visit w/Cochlear after that and see if we can come up with any idea of what may be happening with Gage's right ear.
And I'm getting super excited about the upcoming PEEPs training I have on May 11 w/great professionals contributing information/time like UAB Genetics, audiologists, AVTs, a HI (hearing impaired) teacher, more!

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