Friday, October 23, 2009

Makin' Mama Sweat

Whew! Glad that is over! Taking this little beast  princess to the dentist always makes me sweat. As I've said before I do keep deodorant in the car so I can reapply after our dental visits (no joke, and I'm usually not a sweater!) This demon of a child precious child of mine has made it out of there twice since the whole biting ordeal (we won't go into that) and left nothing more than spit on their floor and tears on their chair. Luckily she has great teeth and they can get by with the minimal services on her. (At least it was only processors flying and not fists, I had them held tight or she may have taken a swing)

Gage however doesn't have great teeth and we've been aware now for years that he'll likely need a jaw distraction which is a pleasant way of saying they need to break his lower jaw and lengthen the bone. We will begin our lengthy journey to corrective oral surgery(ies) from braces, jaw distraction to dental implants. Our dentist used to work with children from the school for the deaf and he said he'd actually practiced some of his signing prepping for our arrival and soon found out that it wouldn't be necessary. (This is only the second time this new dentist has seen my kids) So hopefully there will be no rush to get Gage into the O.R. again, I'd like to have a year w/out surgery and since it's likely he'll be home-bound for a few weeks (months) during the jaw distraction ordeal unless we can pull it off in the summer (and complete ruin his whole summer break, ugh!) I'd like for him to be able to have a full year's break from hospitals. To be continued....

oh, and would you believe that both kids couldn't wait to get to school. They had the option of staying at home due to our appt. time and both had so much they DIDN'T want to miss at school they just passed on the idea and said "how fast can we get to school?" They made it minutes for the cut off time between tardy and absence even though they had excuses.

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