Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I took this photo from my children's car line at school as I awaited the end of the school day. It felt great outside, no hustle and bustle, only cows mooing in the background. I slipped my flip flops off, laid back in the seat, windows down, and nothing. For many of stay at home moms, they arrive at school 45 min early just to be the first ones in line to pick up their precious babies because they've missed them so much. Not that I don't miss my kids, I do, but I arrive early for some ME time. At home I feel obligated to do chores, so I leave the house so I don't feel guilty about doing nothing.

As 2:30 approaches, I slip my shoes back on, sit up in my seat and I feel my whole body tighten and prepare for what follows that final bell...(rrrrriiiinnnnnnnggg)    RELEASED...
Almost in military style classes file out one by one and I spot my kiddos right away. (deep breath) "Gage and Brook" shouts the teacher as she opens my car door. Smiling like innocent angels they pile into my car and for a minute, I pretend they are. I ask the usual, "How was school? Who behaved?" and Gage gives me his standard, "I did" while Brook grabs her book bag and says, "Hmmmm, I'll check." as she looks for a check next to her name on her conduct sheet(also her standard answer and never a good sign, I assure you *smile*) And here we go.....
"Mama!" he says
"No WAIT, I was first, Mama!" says Brook
"No I said it first" says Gage
"He goes first" I intervene
"Mama, I got a new library book about foxes and they are so cute"
"Okay my turn" B interrupts
"UhUh, Mama, I was TALKING!!"
"He was still talking" and she follows with "UUUUUUggghhhh!!"
"Anyway, uh, Mama...." as he sees a man on a riding lawn mower...
"And one time on A 1000 Ways To Die, a lady..."
"Yeah" Brook interrupts, "She was mean to her husband and she got on the lawn mower..."

"No Brook, I was telling her! And anyway, Mama, on A 1000 Ways to Die, this lady died because she ran over an electrical cord with her lawn mower and it shocked her and she died. "....

and then I pull out from the car becomes sensory overload! It happens fast, it happens at high volumes, and it's one thing I can count on everyday...deaf kids can hear...and deaf kids can speak. They do it often and sometimes at the same time, but I wouldn't trade 'em for the world. But I am a stay at home mom (who substitute teaches part time), who's not afraid to admit, I enjoy my quiet time, I need my quiet time, because there is a lot of information my children need to tell me...all at once...and I must prepare.

Upcoming; next week we have IEPs...meeting w/Cochlear about Gage's right ci, dentist for both kids,, and much much more...

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