Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Presentation

I'm going to have to keep this brief, my keyboard has went haywire...takes me a minute to type 1 sentence! The EI presentations went well, some therapists came up to me afterwards to tell me I should go into speech pathology...I smiled and said "I've had great 'teachers'"...a mom w/a CP kiddo told me she thought I was great at what I was doing, she was warned that she might make me cry, she saw tears. If I can encourage even 1 person, it is  worth me standing up there w/nothing but life for credentials.

I met some cicircle members: Maria and blogger Lisa , I love meeting all the families I connect w/online. Lisa  & I discussed which one of us loved a mutual friend Jennifer the most. Since I was "the veteran mom" I let her win (lol) but if  Lisa Lilly's mom had been there she would have really taken the cake because Jennifer is running on Lilly's behalf in the Mercede's Marathon to benefit The Bell Center where Lilly attends. Betty Bell herself was at my presentation again (click here for my first encounter w/this living legend) and she  actually said she learns something from me each time she comes, WWOOOOWW!!  I'm in awe that I even get to participate! Thank you all for attending.

Gage will go w/me next week to talk to students at the U of Montevallo...so exciting! Thank you Tamara for the hook-ups and for all you do/have done, would NOT be able to do any of it w/out you! You Rock!

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Kat said...

I clicked on the links and felt the tears run down my face. Thank you for sharing these amazing stories and sharing the folks you've gotten to know. It makes the journey easier.