Thursday, November 12, 2009

Reading the CMAs

Gage was very excited the CMAs were coming on last night. His bed time is 8 so he got a full hour in before it was time to remove his processors and retire to his bed. His room does not have satellite access (yet) but I assured him they usually show it again as a rerun and it's usually on a Sat. night and I promised he could watch the entire show if we were to catch it on a non-school night! Gage is such a country music fan since his bilateral surgery a few months ago. I think he hears music so much better and can pick up on the individual instruments now that he can hear from both sides. Since country music tends to be more than guitars and drums utilizing fiddles, pianos, steel guitars, banjo, you name it, they use it, and sometimes all at once. A big change from his ACDC obsession! 
He went to bed and I continued watching the CMAs (they were better than the VMAs to me!) Then I hear a creak coming from behind me. It's Gage standing in the doorway with his blankets, not saying a word but the look on his face is asking if he can have just a few more minutes to watch. Knowing he can't hear a thing, he crawls in my lap and snuggles in to read the words Keith Urban is singing.  The closed captioning is a little delayed as I try to watch and read, realizing the words don't match his mouth because they are a sentence behind. So I tap my hand on his back to the beat letting Gage know the rhythm and so he can be assured this is indeed the song he knows already by heart, having watched the video a hundred times before.  We watched Sugarland, emotional as usual and Gage asked, "why does she look like she's about to cry?" and I explained that likely she was about to cry, I've seen her cry before singing, she's just got it like that *smile*.  On the second commercial break I assured him, he had to go to bed, and he agreed. He was tired, and reading the CMAs wasn't the same as listening to them. When he got up this morning, even though he was dragging at first, he had to watch a quick video before school on youtube...he chose Darius Rucker, a song he watched and heard last night on the CMAs...and it's alright by me.

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K.L. said...

When my daughter was 4 or 5, we would listen to the radio, and I would use it as a sort of impromptu speech therapy. Who is singing? What are the words? What is the title of the song? It was a great listening exercise. Of course that got her hooked on country music, and she is totally nuts about it. Looks up stuff on the internet and everything. Its crazy.