Friday, January 30, 2009

The Conference

So we were guests at the Medical Aspects Conference yesterday. We had a good time, met some cool folks, heard the kids' ci surgeon speak. Brook opened the session with a prerecorded video saying "Welcome to I'm All Ears" while Gage closed the session saying "I hope you enjoyed the presentation, read the book". The presentation just before us ran a little long, so I felt a little rushed to squeeze everything in, and of course omitted some of the things I wanted to discuss. We did get invited to speak at the upcoming Early Intervention Conference in June, which is precisely why I go speak at these things in the first place...getting other opportunities is always a bonus. I hope to speak more about the therapy side of things when it comes to parenting special needs children. Tamara did get to touch on that yesterday but hopefully we'll get everything in on the next one. I'm hoping that when Brook starts school, I'll have figured out what type of real job I want. I'm just hoping these little opportunities will open the door for something when the time comes. I mean this is what I want to do, advocate for children and help parents so we'll see where the road takes me.
When I left yesterday morning the kids were being really good. Gage had painted Brook's fingernails. Aren't they gorgeous!!


leahlefler said...

*girl envy alert* I love the nails! Too cute. It sounds like the conference went well, too!

Jodi Cutler Del Dottore said...

Congratulations, Val...just so ya know, someone showed up on my blog by doing a Google Search looking for your book- love that new widget! *smile* (I do feel a little like a spy, though)
Tell Brook I'm doing my nails just like hers, next time...keep on going- convince your ci surgeon that they need a parent mentoring program. You may want to contact Hands and Voices, have a look at their Guide By Your Side program and try establishing at your implant center. You'll make it work, you're one tenacious bitch.

Anonymous said...

congrats Val, wish I couldve been there! I'm sure you'll land a perfect job! and I love Brooks! btw did she get a haircut? she's such a cutie - gotta love those kids.

mbishopp said...

what a great opportunity for you and the attendees at the conference to hear from you.
i would love to read your book as I have just jumped into the CI world.

I love the goodnight post. is it possible to let her leave it on during the night and switch to the backup rechargable battery in the morning?

Val said...

Anon, very good eyes! Gage also cut B's hair.
But I'll post pictures later of her real haircut, I had to take her to get that fixed, he took a few chops out of it!