Monday, October 19, 2009

Yea that's right, he's jumping "ramps" mother's gonna love this, lol
Tomorrow we go to the pediatrician to discuss possible meds for Gage's ADHD. Who knew that a deaf child's excessive talking (among many other symptoms) would lead us to seek medication! And really his excessive talking hasn't much to do with it, but his inability to complete the simplest tasks w/out having to be physically guided it a huge concern. He can find 20 distractions just on his way to the bathroom to brush his teeth before we walk out of the door for school so I find myself physically guiding him there because otherwise we end up shouting after the fourth reminder that he's on his way to brush his teeth.
And there's nothing to caption here, it's just Gage strumming the guitar. I begged him to sing and he said he could not risk his friends seeing it and declined, though he really wanted to. He loves hearing guitars! You may notice his music has calmed a bit since he became bilateral.
Good thing I'll always have THIS though, shhh! lol

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ann said...

Val, knows me very well! 4 wheelers and"MY BABIES" scare me to death!!!!! Nanny