Saturday, October 17, 2009

...for new parents of hearing impaired kids

I'm getting ready in a few weeks to do another presentation for Alabama's Early Intervention. I decided to go back through my blog and read some older posts for inspiration. I pulled out several and have broke them down into categories, videos, new parents, funny stories, etc. Today I'm gonna post the ones for new parents. These stories may or may not help you new parents, with the emotions we go thru when our child is diagnosed with hearing loss. Hopefully they'll help and I'll put up more later. Some of these may have symbolism and if you don't get it now, you will later when you've climbed your first mountain!

The Black Out-Freak Out Dec. '08-When Brook woke up to blackness, no hearing, no vision!

The Carwash- Nov '08-When I learned what it must be like to be a deaf child going thru a car wash

The Sparrow-Nov '08- A fictional short story w/symbolism...when someone finally listens to what you've been saying

Tasting the Clouds-Nov'08-written a few days after The Sparrow w/related content

The 1 1/2 hr conversation-July '09 tells of fire safety w/deaf children

The Thrift Store-Aug '09tells of the non stop talking of my deaf child and the listening abilities of my other deaf child...also about good thrift store bargains for therapy

Advocating for Themselves- Sept '09- means just what the title says

Three Wishes-Oct '09 recent story of how a deaf child views himself

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H & B said...

Thank you! I've been quitely reading your blog for months. This group of postings could not have come at a better time. Our 13mos od daughter will be getting bilateral implants next week. Thanks again