Tuesday, October 20, 2009

chance of rain....?

So we started Gage on ADHD meds today, a time release option called Concerta. I basically had him take it, then dropped him off at school but I did go inside an warn alert them. This is so they can note any changes in behaviors or mood and help us get just the right dosage and give us the necessary feedback needed during the critical school hours. I was warned of mood change likely to happen after school and I was relieved to find him ever so chatty as he entered the car to go home today. He's always quite chatty but something was different...what was it? I couldn't put my finger on it but definitely something...then I notice he's moving his mouth differently. Why I don't know but as he spoke, I watched, he just moved his mouth differently. Like he only wanted to move his bottom lip for some reason...? Anyway, I was glad to find that he was still my Gage after the first dose of meds.

He exclaimed what a great day he'd had. He couldn't wait to go back tomorrow and the day after and the day after, he just did so much work, and he was so excited.......okay, that's definitely unusual.

We get home and he goes straight for the computer, not too unusual but generally he prefers to play outside first. He sat...at MY the family computer for over an hour when I decided ENOUGH, he had to get up. Wow, he's never sat there, um, anywhere for that long. He had a complete meltdown. Like no other I've ever seen in my entire life. Something's wrong. It took me like 15 minutes to calm him down which seemed like 75 but when it was over, it was over. He calmed down, ate a few bites of dinner and we talked about what and why this was all happening. He's now outside playing.

I figured out what was different about the after school conversation on the ride home. It lasted the whole 10 minutes home but after I had time to take it all in I realized...it was all one story. It was 10 minutes about what happened at P.E. Usually it's like 20, 30 sec. stories but this was all related, all one story, very detailed. Hmmmmmmm, to be continued!

Not sure if it's about to rain, or if the skies are just clearing.

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