Sunday, October 5, 2008

Absense makes the heart grow fonder

Look what a little break can do, they are actually playing a made up game with a piece of bamboo and a toy tire...didn't take too long for a fight to break out though, luckily I was nearby to remove the weapon...I mean bamboo from the "game" and they were off in their seperate ways.

This morning Brook called her brother on the phone, she spent the night with my mom (Nanny) and she was giving us a call to announce she'd be arriving home soon. Gage still has a difficult time on the phone and needs assistance and I think Brook being bilateral, does much better. I think he'll need one of those phones that prints out what is being said when he gets older...we have cords to hook him up to the phone with, however it's an inconvience to him, he doesn't like being confinded to cords and he uses the phone very little anyway. And I leave you with another clip...Look out Jordan the Italian Stallion!!!! You have competition here in the states, Gage Blakely is singing love songs now! ...well sort of.... enjoy! and yes there is another music video I'll possibly put up later in the week when I caption it.


Naomi said...

too funny, could have been my brother and I!!! My son wasn't a big phone user either as a youngster but now uses it quite well. I think when they get older and more motivated (GIRLS!!!) they start using it more and getting better at using it : - )

elizabeth embracing life said...

That is some serious talent in the making. Ethan LOVES playing the guitar, and like Gage is quite accomplished.