Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Don't Believe My Ears! here!

I'm so excited, my belated birthday present arrived today, "I Don't Believe My Ears!" (a little gift for myself). So glad it came, and Rachel did a fabulous job as I've stated before, everyone's pictures turned out so crisp and clear. Of course my kids were tickled to open it and see themselves on the cover and on the inside. Thank you authors for donating these cute and funny stories for the charity DRF. And if you haven't ordered your's yet, why not? All proceeds benefit Deafness Research Foundation.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to your blog, I learned about this publication and ordered one right away! It might be several weeks before it arrives, they say, so I'm just sitting tight but very much looking forward to reading about the personal experiences of families with hearing loss. Thank you very much!

- Jessica, accepted Audiology student at Gallaudet University

lbre969903 said...

I got mine too! Evan loves that he is on the cover and inside. Great job to all who contributed in anyway!

CDM said...

I just ordered a copy for myself! Thanks for sharing the link. :) I'm looking forward to receiving my copy.