Monday, March 30, 2009

School Visit

Out of the blue last week we made a surprise visit to see the second graders at Gage's school since we had an extra five minutes. We were driving by on the way to take Brook to preschool, so we dropped in. To our surprise the class had new cards ready for Gage which was just what he needed. One little gal said she missed Gage and hopes he gets well soon or she'll be "praying her hole life" for him to get well and come back! (love her) and another said they all missed him "speshele Mrs. J" (adorable). He is so ready to get back to school and with activation next week (crossing fingers) we hope to have him back in just a few short weeks!!

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Anonymous said...

oh how sweet! u just gotta love these kids. was the little gal with the broken heart Gage's girlfriend by any chance?! lol! praying for you