Tuesday, July 22, 2008

They're Back!!

Her pink processors came back today, and WOW was she excited. She's been wearing her flesh colored back ups for about two weeks but the pink ones arrived this morning. Not only that, but they had labels on them stating which one was left and which one was right. Cochlear had them already mapped and ready to wear.
This was the second good news of the day, the first being that I found some double-sided tape. Brook would be okay if I had ran out of tape but not my Gage w/his tiny ears. He HAS to tape his processors on so we lucked up and found a pack after desperately searching. This just simply saved me a trip to town (20 min) w/my two kids, running to the sewing dept. of Wal Mart (which is near the toys) in hopes they had some in stock. We live in the country so no wig stores here, just Wal Mart. Some people use toupee tape if they have access to it.


Sandra said...

I love the pink processors! We have to use toupe tape for my oldest. Even with an ear mold, it just won't stay on her ear :-)

leahlefler said...

Girl stuff is so much cuter than boy stuff! I love the pink- though I get a little envious when everything around me is blue, hehe!

Grendel said...


I keep trying to raise a tomboy, but the little one is a huge fan of the pink one over her black back-up any day!

- Li-Li's Mom