Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the Unheard part 2

Okay, trying to keep up with Jodi here, and that's really hard to do. She has already offered me vice presidency of Josh's fan club (second place BEHIND her I'm sure *grin*) but now, the more I read, I understand why she said she didn't want to finish the book...she was just enjoying reading it that much. He is deaf and wears hearing aids and travels to Africa, looking for a place beyond his deafness. I'm only on page 25 because after every chapter (sometimes paragraph) I put it back down. Jodi and I are both mothers of deaf little boys who will no doubt grow up to be deaf young men like Josh. It honestly takes me a few minutes to fully absorb everything he says. If I keep reading w/out sitting back and thinking about it all, I may not fully appreciate everything he's written. I highly recommend this book and this summer it's my iced tea. I sit back, under the shade trees, watch my kids play, and drink one sip at a time, making sure I ingest every last drop!

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Loudest Mom said...

I need to purchase the book as well :) I love his website, and have had every intention of reading the book already.

Love the pink processors! Emily would have loved that a few years ago.