Sunday, July 20, 2008

the Police Again?

Okay, it's not an episode like last time! However this is what unfolded yesterday. I was inside working on some things and my husband was outside with the kids. Brook came running inside, very dramatic and out of breath exclaiming "Mama, the cops are at Nanna's...I don't know if they are takin' somebody to jail or not, Daddy and Gage are up there!" So I jump up, find the first pair of shoes I see and shove my feet inside and go running up thru the hay field that seperates our homes. Let me just say, these shoes were not made for a hay field but a white cop car in my in-laws driveway took my mind off of my feet. When I arrive the cop gets into his car and leaves and the two "boys" are back on the four wheelers heading home. So with no answers I march back down the hill in my elevated shoes where I finally get the answers. Now keep in mind, the in-laws were not home during all of this commotion. Gage and Brook had been swimming, so no processors/no hearing. Gage hops on his fourwheeler and drives up to Nanna's forgetting they are not home. My husband knew that Gage would just turn around and come back home when the child realized no one was home. This time however, my husband hears their house alarm going off, so paniced he jumps on the four wheeler and goes to see what has happened, fearing Gage has stumbled upon a break-in (their house has been broken into once before). What he finds instead is a confused little boy, who tells him that he saw a white truck going down the road. The police show up and take down the report and all is fine when they discover the alarm must have scared the burglars away if there were any. Gage holds firm that he didn't do it! I go back home, give Gage his ci and take him aside for a chat. "What happened buddy? You're not gonna get into trouble we need to know the truth" So here it is: "Well, I went up there and walked on the porch to pet the cats...I was playing with the kittens when I felt something....I got scared and then Daddy pulled up". So what actually took place was that Mr. Gage, who may have been jumping around or bumped the door? accidently set the alarm off(which he felt), he did see a white truck go down the road but when his Daddy showed up, that was the question asked, "did you see any cars or anything?" so this time he accidently called the cops without knowing it because he wanted to play with the cats. He may have a record before he hits puberty. Oh do these kids keep me busy or what? School starts back in 22 days!(not that I'm counting down or anything)


leahlefler said...

I wonder if Guiness Book of World Records has a category for police calls? Hey, at least you know the alarm works well!

Anonymous said...

Good Ol' Deaf Boy, Gage Duke!

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

BWHAA!!! too funny... school doesn't start here till after labor day..not that it matters for us;)