Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Blakely Update

Not a lot of posting from the Cochlear Kids as of late but we are in full swing here in Alabama public school. Gage has started the 8th grade and is doing well so far. They are beginning to read The Giver in English class. He was also assigned Music Class and despite his initial thoughts, it will be a true asset to him in the future if he wants to play guitar. He picked it up a few short weeks ago on summer break and with a few chords from his daddy and a few from a cousin, he's learning...

Brooklyn has entered the 5th grade. She is still with me everyday since I work at the school full-time now. She will leave me after the 6th grade and go over to the high school with her brother. Her N6s are still doing fabulous! She loves her chickens which will start laying eggs within the next few weeks!

We love it here on "the mountain"...the world moves a whole lot faster than we do but we wouldn't change a thing!

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