Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Gman had an appointment today to check his height and weight because some of his medication suppresses his appetite. Well, at age 13.5 exactly....he's finally broke the 80 lb mark at a whopping 87 pounds!! We are thrilled! He's 5 ft 2 in and gained 10 lbs in the last 5 months!! His failure to thrive as a baby has come a long way.

Orthodontia was denied by insurance despite his syndrome that is directly responsible for his anomalies. We go see the oral surgeon again in January and see if new paperwork will get it passed through because he not only needs braces, he needs dental implants and possibly jaw surgery as well. I used to think that was so far in his future but at age 13, he's fast approaching the age (17) where they want to address the jaw distraction issue. Only time will tell, but he's a pure-bred champion so we'll cross that bridge when we get there (and with a smile on our faces).

Brooklyn is still doing well. She's almost 11 now and thinks she knows everything. Her grades have improved quite a bit this first report card and she is doing great. She listens to music with typical headphones on her tablet but still uses the speaker phone while using a cellular or other telephone. Gage prefers texting and just doesn't seem too interested in learning to use a phone any differently, though he can hear some using the speaker phone.

Brooklyn's hens are now laying. She started with 18 for the 4H project and gave away 9. Some of her 9 remaining began laying eggs this week (brown ones). We are still waiting on the Easter-eggers to lay which will be pastel colored eggs. She is such a good little "mama" to them. Other than that, we just enjoying mountain/country living and can't believe how Blessed we truly are!

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