Saturday, July 12, 2014

Her "New Ears" Audiogram

Her last audiogram in 2013 w/her Freedoms

...and you can see her Speech Reception was at 20 db...meaning she can hear speech softer than that looking at the chart but not clearly enough to understand it until you reach 20 decibels.

Now with her new N6's...
She still hears very well with her CIs but can hear clearly at 5 db in the sound proof booth. That's a soft whisper!
We all know that in any type of noise that will dramatically decrease her ability to hear speech but we are very pleased with her new ears and the main thing is...she too is very pleased with them and that's the most important!!
She will be starting 5th grade on August 7th and as her team leaders, we have agreed that she can try the classroom(s) without her FM. She does NOT want it and this is the same grade Gage quit using his as well. We sought the advice from her Hearing Impaired Teacher and she agrees we could give it a try. If she needs it, we'll give it back to her no problem. I work at the school so I'm just a short walk away if she needs me.

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Miss Kat's Parents said...

Kat got her first audiogram with her Naidas and actually had a a SRT of 0!!!!!!!!!! Technology is AMAZING