Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Teenager

I remember my first Mother's Day. I wondered if I would still be a mother a week later, a month later or a year later. People buzzed around me with concern for my newborn child. We become mothers because we have children. This little guy taught me how to be selfless, how to be patient, how to be deaf and then how to hear. My life slowed down and I watched him grow up in slow motion, yet here he is, a teenager.
Not long ago I was driving down the road on the way to a Wednesday night church service and I hear a 12 year old voice lift from the back seat, "Mama. I know why you only had two kids." I respond at the odd and random comment, "Oh you do? Okay, let's hear it." He said, "because you didn't want anymore deaf kids. We're a lot of trouble and you didn't want to have to do all that again." I quickly interrupted, "That's not true or I would have never had your sister. You would be an only child." A smile reached his face as we pulled into the parking lot.
Children teach their parents just as much as parents teach their children. Families grow and learn how to love each other despite faults and failures. There are times I wake up in the mornings and hear a child's voice that thirteen years ago, I was certain I would never hear. He enjoys his silence at times and will often belt out an old church hymn in the shower and I realize, he can't even hear his own voice...he's just offering it selflessly to his family and to The Lord. He can put his "ears" on and listen to the rain pound our old tin roof and a smile of appreciation will spread across his face. He brings more joy to our family with each passing day and I am so very thankful I was chosen to be his mother.
We are honored to own a teenager this day. He is loved, he is appreciated, he is a Blessing. Happy birthday buddy.


ann said...

He is so lucky he has you for a Mother . Gage and Brook are surely your Mothers day gift!. Love you and your family, Mother. <3.

Jennifer Reed said...

Hi Val. I am a contributing writer for and would like to know if you'd be interested in being interviewed as one of our June featured bloggers? Please contact me at and let me know.

Jennifer Reed

Dawn Baggett said...

Hey, I just found your blog and noticed you are in Alabama! We are south of Montgomery (I grew up on Sand Mtn.) and are working through how to help our youngest profoundly deaf, CI kid. That's how I found you as I was looking for resources for speech therapy, etc. Thanks for sharing!