Friday, May 9, 2014

New Ears Update

After a full ten week wait, we finally received B's new ears! She was so excited to go get them turned on a couple of weeks ago. She loves the fact that she can now change the colors without the messy stickers. We also figured out that the N5 covers (her brother wear N5s) fit her N6s and they are cheaper to buy so we ordered a few more colors for her along with the coil covers to match.

I am so proud for her and proud of her. She was asked to speak to a first grade class about her implants since their reading story was about a deaf child. The teacher has a deaf nephew and has taught my children in the past so she was quite familiar with the cochlear implants. Brooklyn was happy to show off her ears yesterday to the crowd of six/seven year olds.

We will take her back in a few weeks for some minor adjustments and put her in the booth for an audiogram so we'll have a better idea/comparison of how she's hearing. We only have two more weeks of school here in Alabama and we're out until the beginning of August! IEPs are done and State testing is underway. She has no special accommodations other than testing in a small group setting in case she encounters technical difficulties. I am sending her back-up ears just in case.

Brooklyn has also enjoyed the bilateral accessory cord she can plug into her electronics (and so do I). We have a few of the swim bags we will use over the summer but we will be looking into purchasing the new aqua devices Cochlear has come out with for both children so they can swim (without the embarrassing bags). All in all, we are very excited, very pleased and very Blessed people!

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Awesome, she seems like a very confident open young lady. I love that she is willing to share her experience with others!