Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Prepping for an upgrade

We are now prepping in high gear for Brook's upgrade to the N6 Cochlear implant processors. I suppose being out of the loop, not reading blogs like I used to, not reading the group messages, etc. I am just now getting the word from Cochlear that they do not bill my insurance company. That will be up to me to seek reimbursement for any durable medical expense. We will be required to pay the $7275.00 (I am aware they cost over $9,000.00 each but we will do a trade in to receive a discount) upfront for each ear. We are taking it one ear at a time at this point! We have some local friends doing a benefit for us which is scheduled for January 25, and we are very excited. We have a really good start and I thought it would help our friends and family keep up with the process/progress with a visual so each time we add to the "pot", I'll put up a new chart and carry it right through the upgrade process. It's sad that these things cost this much but a blessing that she hasn't got injured or had a failure to require surgery again. Insurance would be billed directly then and we wouldn't have such an upfront expense but we are excited for her, she's been needing an upgrade for years now and this will only make us work harder to get it for her! We aren't looking at it as a set back but a push forward. We've been praying about it, so we encourage all of you to keep praying for her, HE can and will make it happen. We're claiming this one!

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dlefler said...

Honestly, it is ridiculous that insurance companies don't cover upgrades. You don't have the option to "shop around" with different brands, and the technology is the ONLY way B can hear! So frustrating. We're out $5500 for hearing aids, but at least they're cheaper than the CI's (zero reimbursement for them, though, since hearing is considered optional with our insurance company).