Friday, December 27, 2013

The Latest on Goldenhar Boy

So we spent most of yesterday at his annual appointment that usually takes six hours (but we got lucky and were done in 4). This is where a social worker, nutritionist and several dental experts get together and see some of the special cases to make sure the kids are gaining weight, getting proper nutrition and to discuss future surgical plans. We have been planning for a jaw distraction in his teenage years all along but yesterday the idea was tossed up that a different surgery may be better for him. The main problem is finding a proper bite for him with so many missing and misshapen teeth. We are going to start seeing an orthodontist soon (which was in the plans all along) to see if he can move the teeth he has into some kind of "order" if...and that's a big IF, he has enough bone to work with...there may be some bone grafting needed as well. Any type of mouth surgery isn't the most pleasant of surgeries, so I hate it for the little guy. However, we are truly Blessed. Most Goldenhar patients are in far worse shape as far as the mouth/face goes, so we are very thankful his problems are limited. He finally weighs 70 lbs at (almost age 13) and for that we are thankful as well. He's growing, slowly but growing, so for that we are Blessed also. Love this little fellow, and like my Maw-Maw always said, "God's got His Hands on this one."

On a lighter note, he got to see Ms. Sue Sue the artist again. Even though he may have outgrown her coloring, painting, stenciling on an average day...he loves to see her every year and just sit down and talk with her, paint with her, and truth be known, I think Ms. Sue Sue enjoys it just as much. She always remembers him.

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