Monday, January 27, 2014

Awaiting the Call

I am now just awaiting the call back from SunMed (I had not contacted them prior to this weekend's email) to see if we have enough to proceed with Beez replacement processor order! I have to work all day but can't wait to get home and see what they say. I know they'll have paperwork to do, info to wait on from insurance etc. but to know that we have taken one step forward towards getting her new "ears" is beyond exciting. I was shocked when the benefit singing raised so much in one night but I shouldn't be. The Lord Blessed us all in that room Saturday night and I'm grateful we were just present! The Angelic voices that my children could hear, the Testimonies that my children could hear put a smile on my face but the Angelic voices that I could feel and the Testimonies that I could feel, put a smile on my heart. We love our community and are very close to that upgrade because of them!

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