Monday, August 27, 2012

Week Two

We've started week two of school already here in Bama. Gage is having a difficult time hearing, we're having some issues with one of his processors changing/turning up when you slightly touch the side of it...he's already been kicked in the head (on accident, at PE again-what is it w/these boys?) but so far no issues have resulted from that.

I'm guessing if he doesn't improve (modify classroom/accommodations) then I'll have enforce the FM microphone system that he DOES NOT WANT TO WEAR ANYMORE!!

Brook is doing quite well. She's using her FM system, her teacher unfortunately had fallen ill unexpectedly and she's hoping to come back at the end of this week, so she's had a sub so far.

We went camping this past weekend and had a wonderful time as usual. The kids brought their bikes, they swam, and they fished. One of Brook's processors had issues though and it needed a new part (which was at home) so she had to go a full day with just one "ear". She hated it...but made it just fine.

Other than that, we are just enjoying ourselves. We love our friends, our family, our school, our church...what more could you ask for?

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