Sunday, August 19, 2012

Almost There

Well, it is Sunday. We will pull up at that school around 7:30 in the morning. I've agreed to stay all day tomorrow and help/volunteer so I might peek in on my guys but for the most part, I'll be helping with the smaller kids. After they get settled, I might walk around and help various teachers as needed but the main thing is getting them all in their rooms, settled, assist with lunch time and possibly getting them to their buses or cars in the afternoon.

We have our supplies already at the school since we attended Friday's Meet/Greet the Teachers Day so all they need is their lunch money for the week and their back packs...which is packed  with their supplies such as glasses cleaner, cochlear implant batteries, extra battery cages should they need them, tape for the processors if they need it...

I think we are good to go. Say a little prayer for all these kiddos starting school, and the faculty as well. There's so much opportunity inside those school doors, but where there's opportunity, there is distraction. Pray they look toward opportunity and not distractions...(and I'm not talking ADHD here-I'm talking Spiritual Opportunity/Distraction)

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