Thursday, April 19, 2012

IEP Number One

I wish everyone's IEPs were as easy as mine are...but I know lots of people have to basically fight for every little thing. This year is the first time I recall them getting input from Gage. I know I had asked him last night if there was anything he needed for sixth grade and he said, "YES! I have got to have more P.E. time. I mean at least fifteen more minutes! There's just not enough time right now!" Apparently he mentioned that to them too, listing that as his FAVORITE subject (such a boy).  

They will not test him for Gifted as it has been postponed for too long (he was referred in second grade) but now his SATs scores from the past few years weren't high enough for them to consider him (even though he did earn a medal for his scores!) He had surgery after surgery causing him to get delayed each year. So, I'm guessing I won't be satisfied until I know his IQ score which means I'll probably pay out of pocket and have those done this summer by the Psychologist who tried to test him before (when his ADHD was so bad and he couldn't even finish the testing) The good news is that his ADHD doesn't seem to be too bad right now so his meds are still working!

He basically has a similar IEP to last year, he needs his special equipment (static-free computer mat, FM system, cochlear implants) and he'll stay in the classroom except for ARMT testing which will be done in a quiet small group setting. He will not be testing on any movie that doesn't have proper captions and he won't be testing on material given over a pre-recorded device unless exact reading material is furnished that can be read while it plays. And no paddling without calling me first (shouldn't be an issue)

I shouldn't have any issues but if they do pop up, I'm certain his sixth grade teachers will be glad to get with me and we'll work to resolve any of these matters. She also asked me a quick question about his next year's IEP when he'll be going over to the high school. I almost started crying. I don't even want to think about my baby going over there!

I have got to get him in to see the Audiologist soon. His teacher stated that he's having a terrible time right now and is lip reading heavily! So I'll be scheduling that asap.

Now Brook's IEP is next week so hopefully her's will go as smoothly!

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kiva said...

o wow im glad they go smoothly! i am 15 years old with hearing loss and my mom had to get a lawyer when i was in 5th grade to come to my IEP meeting because they took my IEP away without even telling my mom! schools are crazy in colorado, gotta go to your school district!