Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bullet Updates

Sorry, I'm not a lazy blogger (maybe I am) but we've just been really really really busy. I can't wait until Summa time and we have less on our plates. Everyone seems to stay booked up when I work a lot (and I am) so we all have to pitch in and play catch-up when we get home which leaves little computer time for me.

  • Brook's IEP is scheduled for Thursday-I see no problems with that, nor am I nervous or anything. Just a meeting with the teacher(s) and I see them around a lot anyway so I'm not scared.
  • Gage is scheduled for MAPping before her IEP meeting. He needs it. Even his teacher says he's reading lips to get by. I will also get his mix adjusted on his processors so that he can use that again. He needs to hear the teacher and other students and right now he only hears her.
  • We have our PEEPS in the Park event on Saturday. Yay. I get to meet up with a lot of other families from AL with kids with hearing loss.
  • Can you believe my baby boy is about to be 11 ?? Just a couple of more weeks!! Say it ain't so!


ann said...

Love this baby boy! His hair cut there is so cute. Can't believe he is almost 11! They are all growing up. I'm thankful he can read lips!

Laura's medical journey said...

it will be good for u to meet other families always good to meet other s in the same posititon lol