Monday, April 16, 2012


I was subbing at the high school the other day for a Resource type Aide/Teacher. Other than a couple of kids coming in to use the quiet setting for tests, there was little for me to actually do. But what was very interesting, is that the last block of the day is an ASL satellite class from AIDB (Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind). The kids seemed to be really interested in it and knew quite a bit of sign.

The teacher was very patient as she had two classes going at once. But within that one class she taught them The Pledge of Allegiance and they went through a Bruno Mars song in sign. I found it all very interesting and she discussed with them about how to interpret a song by it's meaning and not the actual words, since there is so much symbolism in music. I just found it all very interesting and I did stand up before the camera by the end of class and told her both of my children were deaf and wear cochlear implants.

Now we begin the IEP process for this year. Gage's is set for this week and Brook's is next week. I can't believe they will be in third and sixth grade!!

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finn said...

hey i gotta say learning sign is definatly useful and does come in handy at times (ie cochlear impant malfunctions) it gives you a more sucure feeling knowing you will be able to communicate no matter what happens :) much love!