Thursday, April 12, 2012

It Was an Accident...

Little boys...what can I say? Although my daughter has been in the E.R. more times for injuries, little boys will shred Mama's nerves put us through the wringer too.

When Gman got in the car yesterday after school he says, "Now Mama, it was just an accident...but at P.E. while we were playing kickball, (boy's name) and I ran into each other, tripped, fell and he accidentally kicked me right where my implant is..." waiting waiting waiting for Mama to go nuts

When I heard the name of the other little boy man, I knew it was totally an accident and I calmly asked if he could hear well, if it hurt any, and if the other little boy was okay!! He said yes to everything and despite the fact he didn't want me to, I looked at it really really good when we got home. Nothing, it was perfectly fine.

Accidents can, do and WILL happen. Under most circumstances these implants are very durable these days. Sometimes, people aren't so lucky and need to have them replaced. Today we are very thankful that we will not be going in for a replacement surgery at this time.

Gage is currently taking the State testing this week along with everyone else his age (grades 3-6) and also during the first of next week. He is removed from his class along with a couple of other people who need a smaller, private setting to take the tests. He is doing well, despite the fact HE HATES THESE TESTS!! But we are down to only six weeks of school left, and then SUMMER VACATION!!!

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Kendra said...

haha i rember this happening to me as a kid being like "momma.... my hearing aids fell out and someone stepped on them in P.E today." lol trust me this will happen more than once!!! MUCH LOVE!!