Sunday, January 8, 2012

Met a blogger

I forgot to mention that at our last appointment for MAPping...I met a fellow blogger. She's hilarious and I enjoy keeping up with her family here in my area.

She saw me first because my kids are insane and running around the place like wild animals. The minute she spoke I knew who she was. In fact, I thought I had met her before at the ENTs office. I kept staring at this lady who looked an awfully lot like Mrs. Hornsby from Our Blog. HOWEVER, when I finally asked here if she had a blog, she looked at me as if I had been staring at her stalking her and quickly said, "No." I didn't believe her so I further dug my own grave by saying, "Are you not from xx?" She looked at me with fear out of the corner of her eye and walked off after her kid and again said, "No."

Oh well, at least I finally met the REAL OUR BLOG star!!

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Jenniferhornsby said...

That is too funny. :) Thanks for the post. It was a pleasure to meet you!