Saturday, January 14, 2012

I didn't hear the teacher

So yesterday, B's teacher tells me a story about something that happened in class where Brook misunderstood her. She felt horrible about the ordeal and she almost cried telling me about it but I assured her, I'd get with B and see if I can find out why she's not hearing her. She then reminded me that B's FM was out for repair. That's what it is.

When Brook got in the car she said, "Mama, I cried a little bit today. Mrs. J told me I could take a test on the computer...I thought she said in 3 minutes, but she said 30, so when I got up in 3 minutes I got in trouble. I started to cry a little bit and I told her that I couldn't hear her. Then she told me it was ok and it was fine to go ahead and take the test." I told Brooklyn that her FM should be back very soon and I know her teacher was reminded she can't hear well. Sometimes we all forget. I am just as guilty.

We work so hard to get our kids caught up that often they fit in too well. The fact that they are still deaf children gets masked by such typical performances in the classroom. No matter how well they are performing, deaf children often work much harder at listening than other kids do. That "work" becomes typical for the deaf kids and no one really knows how much "work" they are putting into just listening and trying to keep up with conversations. With any special needs, these kids might look around more often. What you might think is cheating, they are simply looking at the other kids to make sure they themselves are doing what they are supposed to be doing. What you might think is excessive talking, may actually be the kid trying to verify with a peer that they heard the instruction correctly.

I am very fortunate that Brook isn't scared of the teachers (I don't think she's scared of anyone! lol) and will self advocate when necessary. Sometimes she lets things slide with her peers that I wish she would address more but as she grows, matures, and learns that people aren't going to hate her for needing repeats, etc. I think she'll get more comfortable. I am very fortunate that my kids have such a caring group of teachers. Yes they are treated much like any other child. They forgive my kids when they make mistakes (and let's be honest, this is daily with these two! lol) and we in return forgive them when they make them. One thing is for sure, in some form or fashion, we keep them all on their toes.

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