Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bullet Updates


So I'm a little late on that one. Our Christmas break has ended and we are all back to work and school (thank goodness!) I have so many blogs, I'm lucky to get this one updated each week but I'm doing my best. My busiest blog or the one I spend more time on these days is The Road.

  • We got report cards, Brook made A-B Honor Roll and is doing fabulous. Gage's grades have picked up, he wasn't doing ANY homework, but has gotten better. He had a couple of C's but the rest were A's and B's and he is doing really good also. In his elder state (grade 5) he's more into the social aspect of school rather than studying and concentrating on grades.
  • Both kids had a good MAPping session on Tuesday. We managed to get all four ears "tuned up" and we put them in the booth. Gage drops about 25% in his ability to recognize the (adult) vocab list when background noise is added in. Brook has about a 20% drop when background noise is added with her. The Audiologist states this just confirms they still need their FMs in school. B's is out for repairs right now but she'll get it back really soon.
  • Brook goes for her 8 year check up next week....whew. Who wants to help hold her down for shots (should she need any)? She is way stronger than most people and it usually takes several of us but we get the job done.
  • The kids are at "that age" now. With Gage turning 11 soon and Brook being 8 year old girl, they don't really play together like they used to. This can make for some major drama at times and quite frankly I just keep them as far away from each other as possible. We cherish those days or moments when they do get along, and know that this too shall pass.
  • We were filmed in attempts to help with the new video for our local HEAR Center. I assumed it would be all about the kids, and it was, but they wanted ME to talk. I was sweaty, I cried (and kept talking with tears streaming in an extremely high pitch voice! lol) But oh well, I haven't lost any sleep over it. Hopefully, it will be of some help to new families beginning their journey with children with hearing loss.

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dlefler said...

Ugh - I hope there aren't any shots for age 8. Sometimes I think those things just get harder as they get older! Matt was really difficult at the dentist this week... but at least no one got bit, lol!

I'm sure you were great for the film they were making. Those early days are so emotional (and so is thinking about them). You're a great resource to all those moms and dads who will be following in your footsteps!