Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A quick run down

Here is a quick run down of all our blogs and what they are about since we have so many. We might possibly be the most blogging family I know! But we love to write and share and laugh and cry and love and have fun and.....

Brook's Blog-Buzy Beez Blog (click here) This is our newest, she's been begging for a blog for quite some time. Totally supervised she will share her thoughts, her art, her photography, etc. I do not edit her grammar or spelling but will add input at the bottom or in brackets as needed for interpretation.

Gage's Blog-He still loves to invent and create new things. He doesn't blog as often as the rest of us but he still like to show his creations to his buddies and family and anyone interested (click here)

The Road-becoming more and more popular, my spiritual blog. Nothing like feeling The Spirit and loving life both the good and bad (click here)

One Brick Shy-this is my humorous blog. I give very vivid details of my life as I make preparations to enter the world of insanity one day at a time (click here)

I have others that aren't as active-but these are my favorites. We hide very little around the Blakely household that's for sure.

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