Saturday, November 26, 2011

University of Montevallo

To some extent she's right. Implants are almost impossible to buy. They are expensive (covered by most insurances) and you need a prescription (so to speak). That was her point. She went on to write "Save your money if you can't hear!!!"

We went to our (almost) annual visit at the University of Montevallo Monday afternoon to talk to the up and coming Deaf Ed/Speech Therapy majors. The kids' former SLP is the instructor/teacher and we had a great visit.

Everyone was very respectful again this year about our choices. There's almost always some students in there that sign only and this year was no exception. We had a bonus this year and found out one of the students was wearing a cochlear implant too! Neither kid wanted to first. Then after they warmed up, they did fine. In fact, Brook stood next to me and mocked me as I spoke...fabulous. She really liked one of the interpreters (she's often present at events we go to and I've ran into this lady for years). Brook even wrote on the board, "The lady in the green jacket likes me." Gage brought a vehicle he'd created and spoke on that subject for a little while.

I discussed our background, Goldenhar Syndrome, school, FM systems, parenting, language opportunities, AVT, ADHD, and so much more! We talked about home life and how they communicate without processors on, and the difference between bilateral and hearing with one implant.

We hope we shed some light on how "normal" yet insane at the same time, we can be. The kids got a gift card as a reward which I happily bought them prizes with on Black Friday. We look forward to hopefully returning next year. My mother even came this year with us and she kinda warmed up and spoke a little too.


leah said...

I love the fact that the students get to see the kids (and AVT/CI's) "in action." Brook and Gage are such bright (and funny) kids!

Anonymous said...

Lol brooke has so much wisdom!!!