Monday, November 21, 2011

Ladies and Babies

We let Brook invite some friends over yesterday to celebrate her birthday...early. Being born on December 26, she's not had a successful birthday party in like, ever. The flu, strep throat, and other nuisances have prevented her from actually having that enjoyable, wonderful, celebratory birthday that she deserves. So when I had to cancel last year's party (again) I promised the child I would let her have one...well before December!

I thought of the theme Ladies and Babies. The first thing the girls did was drop their babies in a chair and leave them there. The adults were left to babysit a pile full of plastic while the ladies, who had on everything from heels to make-up, ran...screamed...cried....squealed and ran some more! But man did they have fun! Brook loved her special cupcakes I had made for her (by a professional) and I'm enjoying the morning after...where I have cupcake and coffee for breakfast! Yum.

Some of you may be wondering, how many of her friends are hearing impaired. I can tell ya, none. She is the one one. She is treated the same by them and no one even makes a big deal about. Thank you to all the "ladies" who came out to wish B a happy (early) birthday! She had the best day and is still smiling!

Today, the kids and I (with my mother as reinforcement) will travel to the University of Montevallo to speak to the up and coming Deaf Ed & Speech Therapy majors...very exciting! Let's hope we are all on our best behavior!

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leah said...

What a cute party idea - it looks like they all had a blast! At least babysitting a bunch of plastic dolls is fairly easy.. no diapers and no crying, lol!

The cupcakes are gorgeous, by the way - I bet the girls loved them!