Monday, December 12, 2011

Bullet Updates

Just a few quickies from the Blakelys. We have been swamped with gatherings, fun stuff, church stuff, school trips, and who knows what else. I'm subbing less now and back at the accounting office part-time during tax season as I do often to help them out so they don't get behind during their busiest time of the year.
  • Went on field trip with Brook's class. We had ordered reserved seating front and center but upon arrival, the teacher asked for our "special seats" and they were taken. Her teacher in the most fabulous advocating fashion got us our seats...because we needed them and she had pre-requested them way in advance! Thank you and the theater was more than happy to accommodate. Love it.
  • B's FM system has a low static sound over the teacher's mic. I will address this at our next audiologist visit which is soon. Both kids will be MAPped over the Christmas-break holidays...whew, that will be a long day!
  • Kids are doing well in school, socially and academically as far as I can tell. They have friends, they are treated well, and as equals, they have great teachers. We get two weeks off soon and are looking forward to it.
  • I can't believe my baby is about to be EIGHT years old...for real! Although we've already celebrated it, she will turn eight the day after Christmas.
  • She did well in the church Christmas play. She read her line perfectly and sang right along with the other children. Never would have guessed that eight years ago!!!

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