Saturday, October 22, 2011

I still cringe

I know I've strayed away from "advocacy" for quite a while. I feel comfortable with my kids getting what they need at school. However, I still cringe when adults say to me "Oh, she could hear me!!"

Brook had mic issues the other day. According to her, the sub turned the mic on when it needed to be off and off when it needed to be on. They apparently had issues with Brook's behavior and I hate that. Brook immediately told me as she got in the car this day all of her troubles. Unfortunately, when no one listens to Brook, Brook gets very angry, and sometimes even disrespectful. She got in the car with ATTITUDE pouring from her. She vented, and I assured her, the teacher didn't hate her. I was gonna address it but when I'm met with the words "Oh she heard me!!" I simply brush it off as, why even try?

It's not always VOLUME she needs, it's clarity and people just don't understand. Plus the mic will buzz when it's out of range and on unnecessarily at times so I can see Brook's side. I however, haven't written down the steps for the mic to be left for sub teachers, and believe me, I know how subbing can be. You are lucky to have a clear moment to figure out anything much less technology.

I am only aggravated at myself because I've reached the point where we are too comfortable, and it's affecting my kids. I must put back on my advocacy hat at some point and go back to educating the public. Maybe I should just do a presentation somewhere, lol- like the old days. I shouldn't have ever got that comfortable--no, I won't be receiving Mom of the Year!! Darn.


Danielle said...

its ridiculous. I think that the more that you advocate the better off the children will be. At times i say the same thing " WHY BOTHER". No one will ever get it. I cannot ear and yeah I may have an implant but my family thinks i can hear everything with the implant on and thats not the case. So like you I brush it off but enough is enough you know. Good luck.

Jennifer Hornsby said...

The thing I dislike the most...."Bless her heart!" Oh, it just bothers me...they don't understand that she will be just fine. No need to "bless her heart." :)