Monday, October 24, 2011

The Church Festival

We had so much fun at our church Fall Festival. I'll just have to give it to you in pictures. We had so much fun and are so glad our friends Brenda and Roger invited all the church members to come out to their land to enjoy it's space and beauty. As you'll find, B finally grabbed a mic, she's very self-conscious about singing in public...she wants to so bad but she's still timid. She understandably has a harder time learning the words than the other kids in church but she keeps trying! That's my girl. You can see her looking at her friend for guidance.

Her very best friend in the whole wide world!! Could she look any happier?

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Anonymous said...

Please don't stop writing on the cochlear kids blog :( me and my friends wear cochlear implants and we love reading your cochlear kids blog!!!! Ps I <3 your other blogs too.