Monday, October 17, 2011

HEAR Center Zoo Trip

We had a great time last Sunday at the Zoo with our HEAR Center family. The zoo hasn't changed a whole lot since I was a kid, and somehow I always forget HOW BAD IT SMELLS!! But we had big fun and we can't wait til our next PEEPs event on Nov 6.

Gage had his MAPping last week also, so he's still looking good! He's glad to have /L/ back, which he was missing on both ears. He was repeating /m/ or /n/ for /l/ but we got it all worked out!

We hope our audiologist comes back soon, not that we have any problems with the 'stand-in' one, but we miss our girl!! She's been busy having like her 14th child in 3 years....or something like that...but we look forward to seeing her again!!

Cheerleading is now over for the season...all but the final end of the year party. I'm gonna miss those practices but glad to have gained our Saturdays back so we'll be 4-wheeling all the time now.

Our school's Fall Festival is Friday, so I'll be volunteering for that ALL DAY, followed by more volunteering at a 1/2 night lock-in for the kids followed by our church Fall Festival the next day! Whew, busy but FUN weekend ahead!

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Anonymous said...

For some reason Gage and Brooke look so much older in these pictures! It's amazing how fast they grow up