Wednesday, September 21, 2011


  • Brook got a new rabbit since her's died. It is black and its name is Blackie....we are very creative!
  • I'm back at the gym trying to complete 60 miles in 30 days ( a local challenge ) and I'm sitting at 27.5 miles with 18 days to go...shouldn't be a problem.
  • Cochlear has tried to contact me twice about my last blog post to make sure Gman is doing fine. I did email them to assure them he's fine and I don't think the clicking sound was related to a failure.
  • Gman did wake with pain on the other ci-side once this week but he simply removed the processor for most of the day and he was back to "normal" in no time.
  • School is going okay. Gman is finding out the hard way that he DOES need to do homework and he DOES need to study or he won't make good grades. And Brook is finding out the hard way that you MUST keep quiet, and behave or you'll be sitting by yourself at lunch. But both are doing well otherwise.


leah said...

I am glad Brook got a new bunny - so sad that her first bunny died! I wonder what their lifespan is?

Here's to a lot of studying and getting good grades for Gage, lol - I guess that homework can sometimes be worth the hassle!

Anonymous said...

Love your kids!! Fantastic blog!!!

Anonymous said...

When is the new blog I miss gman and Brooke :)