Friday, September 16, 2011

Cochlear Recall

So around September 1st or 2nd, Gage came home with only one processor on. He was missing his right and when I asked him why he removed it, he said, "Because it was clicking." Okay, so I put it in the machine, and it hasn't done it since. It could have simply been something in the room, he was only hearing it on the right side though so who knows.? So I never mentioned it to anyone other than his audiologist last week. She checked him out good and said everything looked fine.

Of course, it's been all over the web this week about the Cochlear recall on that device he's wearing on that particular ear. So naturally I'm a little nervous. But again, he's not had any weird sounds since. He just got that device last year after a Freedom failure so we're hoping it was a fluke and all seems well now.

Both kids are doing fine, if HE will do his homework and if SHE will behave. She's done really well up until this week so I'm hoping it's just a bad week.

And lack of new photos are because I still have no camera. I haven't bought one!!

So here are some from cheerleading I took w/my cell so sorry.
Brook and all her cheer buddies


Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

still waiting on a video of you doing a cartwheel....

Anonymous said...

Ask him if he was near a WiFi signal when this happened. If so, it is picking up the signal when it shouldn't be. basically, he will need a new processor. My old bodyworn Sprint did this.

Anonymous said...

actally near a router. The router could be bad itself, but he shouldn't be picking it up either but sometimes processor that is going bad can pick up router signals (if he is really close to it) and make a click sound. That clicking sound get louder if he press his ears against it. My hearing son and husband could NOT hear the clicking sounds but I could. When I got a new processor, the clicking stopped.